Cooperative living at Applewood Pointe.

Your Home. Your Voice.

Applewood Pointe

You might be wondering, what exactly is a senior cooperative living community? For one, you get to experience the joy of ownership without having to deal with the additional costs and complications of traditional home or condo ownership. In addition, your new home will be move-in ready — you can settle in right away, meet your new neighbors and explore the numerous common areas and outdoor amenities throughout the community.

Co-op members share equal ownership of the entire property and grounds. When you live in an Applewood Pointe cooperative, you’ll quickly notice how much your voice matters. Beyond the day-to-day maintenance, everything is run by resident members. You are involved in making decisions. You vote members onto the board. You contribute to deciding how to change or implement policies and regulations. You live with purpose — and joy.


“On a hot summer day when I hear the lawn mower coming close, and I am in my comfortable deck chair, I’m more than glad the mowing is not on my list of jobs to do!”

- Don H., Resident Member

Community is our Core

But it’s even more than a community. In your co-op, you live with the support of a social network of peers and friends. Don’t be surprised to get a book recommendation or a computer tip from a neighbor. And when you leave for a trip, just lock the door and go — you know everything else will be taken care of while you’re out enjoying life. When you return, you have friends who are excited to welcome you home. You become an integral part of your community — and your community becomes part of you.

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Resident friends hanging out at Applewood Pointe.


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