Resident Stories

Our residents say it best when they explain why they choose to live at Applewood Pointe.

Russ & Teri's story

Russ and Teri lived across the street from the Bloomington- Southtown building and watched as it was being built. They would pause while shoveling their the 85+ inches of snow from this tough winter, look over at the building and think how lucky the people were who moved in.

After talking to a couple friends who had moved in, Russ and Teri decided to make the move too. Teri then talked to a neighbor and asked if he had any friends who might be interested in her home. He looked at it one day, brought a friend over two days later for a look then said she'd take it, on the spot. They closed the sale within a month.

They were all moved in by April 1, and have since met a lot of people at the morning coffee. They continue to meet new people in the fitness room, in the mail area and in the library. The icing on the cake to them has been the everyday things that are now easier. For example, with the books available in the community library, Teri no longer needs to head to the public library. And having the recycling bin right in the mail room means the junk mail never makes it to their home.

John and Connie's story

John and Connie had been looking for a home to match their active retirement lifestyle when they heard about Applewood Pointe of Roseville through a notice at their church. They wanted a convenient location that allowed them to stay close to their current community and friends as John and Connie are very involved in church activities and the Roseville community.

Applewood Pointe became the answer to their housing search. John describes Applewood Pointe as changing their lifestyle by providing them with the benefits of homeownership and a sense of neighborhood camaraderie without the worries that go along with maintaining a house. John and Connie's excitement about moving into Applewood Pointe of Roseville is shared with their children and grandchildren.

"Our family is enthusiastic about our choice and we feel confident in the decision we made," John said. "The financing options were made clear and our questions were answered, making our decision easier."

Ruth's story

In her 80's, Ruth was looking for a way to be part of a greater community when she found information on Applewood Pointe of Maple Grove. She wanted to maintain a connection to her community but without the hassle of keeping up her townhome in Plymouth. Ruth felt that reserving a new home at Applewood Pointe would be a good choice and that feeling was confirmed every time she spoke with an Applewood Pointe representative. Ruth said, "I feel confident in my decision based upon all the information and details that I received from the representatives."

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